Dutch lessons

  • Learn the language through stories: TPR Storytelling and Story-Listening*
  • All levels, from absolute beginners (A0) to the far advanced (C1)
  • Getting better without exams
  • Training for the State exams

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Duo lesson 2015

  • Training by an experienced, qualified teacher of Dutch as a second language (NT2) and TPR Storytelling (TPRS)
  •  Private lessons: individual or (if registered together) in duos
  • Live or via Zoom

Fees depend on the number of students.

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Private lesson 2014


* On the website of Dynamic Language Learning you’ll find more information about TPR Storytelling.
Reading based on research by Stephen Krashen, Comprehensible Input.
Story-Listening as developed by professor Beniko Mason EdD.
Annemieke Woudt                 

Dutch lessons for non-natives