Learning Dutch

Looking for Dutch lessons?
Are you a starter, or already advanced, wanting to improve your Dutch?
And do you like stories?

At Taal aan de Zaan, you acquire the language in a playful way, by TPR Storytelling.
We read stories at your language level, and we create stories together.

Lessons are one-to-one.
And yes, this also works when you’re an absolute beginner.

Is this just right for you?
Contact me!

Are you looking for an integration course (inburgeringscursus), or do you prefer group lessons?
Check my page Links and winks for alternatives.

My series of easy readers: Nieuwe vrienden, New friends

In addition to teaching Dutch as a second language, I write easy readers for adults learning Dutch (level A2).
The books are published by Arcos Publishers and can be ordered at the CI Bookshop.
You can read the first chapters here.

Annemieke Woudt, Taal aan de Zaan


Included in the register of the professional association of NT2 teachers

Dutch lessons for non-natives