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More Dutch lessons in Zaanstad
  • At NLTraining you can do an integration course (inburgeringscursus).
  • If you have no obligation regarding the integration exams, you can take Dutch lessons at Sagènn.
  • In De Bieb (the library) you can practice Dutch at your own level, with the help of a language coach.
  • In Taalcafé De Sluis volunteers help newcomers  in small groups practicing Dutch.
    In De Sluis you can also get advice about living, working and studying in The Netherlands/Zaanstad.
Online classes and websites for learning Dutch
  • Teacher Bart de Pau has included many free materials on his website Learn Dutch: vocabulary, grammar and a series of cartoons, Heb je zin?, subtitled in Dutch and English. You can work with it independently, or in one of his virtual classrooms.
  •  NT2 teachers Ad Appel and Kirsten Verpaalen offer online courses A1, A2 and B1. At their page Oefenmateriaal you’ll find free material to practice for level A1, A2 and ONA.
  • Apart from classes on location in Amsterdam, Nedles offers courses via Zoom, for beginners and the (very) advanced.
  • Nt2-taalmenu offers material for beginners and advanced students.
  • has free language programs at different levels, ranking from one to five stars.
  • Grammar in the picture: Zichtbaar Nederlands explains the rules of the language in a visual way.
    Easy readers
  • Easy readers in Dutch, including my own series of 3 Nieuwe vrienden, can be found at The CI Bookshop. You’ll find many more books there, in 9 more languages.
  • Eenvoudig Communiceren offers many easy readers in Dutch.
    Teachers trainings and workshops
  • Language teachers wanting to become proficient in TPRS, Comprehensible Input (CI) and/or Story Listening, can do so at Dynamic Language Learning en

Dutch lessons for non-natives