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Websites for learning Dutch
  • Nt2-taalmenu offers material for beginners and advanced students: from level A1 to B2
  • For beginners ( has 1 and 2 (Language Class 1 and 2). After that you can continue doing Plus.
    On Station Nederlands you can practice with themes from daily life.
    For advanced students there’s De Liedjeskast (The Cabinet of Songs). In the cabinet are fifteen songs, each about a language rule
  • On the website Virtuele Training you’ll find exercises and explanation
  • With the teaching materials of NT2 teacher Ad Appel you’ll learn new words and sentences (under Lesmateriaal A1 A2, in Dutch). The ‘oefentoetsen’ (tests to practice) will help you prepare for the language exams of ‘inburgeringsexamen’ (the Dutch integration exam)
  • Lingua Incognita also has many exercises for the integration exam and some for staatsexamen 1 (state exam 1)
  • At Nedles you’ll find exercises for (half)advanced students, using videos and songs
  • Teacher Bart de Pau has included many free materials on his website Learn Dutch: vocabulary, grammar and a series of cartoons, subtitled in Dutch and English
  • On Net in Nederland you can watch programs of NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep, Dutch Public Broadcaster) subtitled in Dutch, English or Arabic
  • Grammar in the picture: Zichtbaar Nederlands explains the rules of the language in a visual way
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    My sister Martine Woudt is a translator of French literature. This year (2019) we are translating a book of fables together, as the author, Oscar Mandel, wrote it in both French and English.

Dutch lessons for non-natives